JudeFrances Jewelry, the designer jewelry brand, is known for stunning designs and high-quality pieces made with only the most luxurious materials. Starting with their now signature hoop and charm earring concept, JudeFrances has evolved into a comprehensive line featuring necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings across several collections.

Although they are as different as white and yellow gold, when Jude Steele and Frances Gadbois met at a charity dinner in 2002, they instantly knew they would make ideal business partners. Now, not only have they become best friends, but together, they have turned JudeFrances Jewelry into a multi-million dollar brand retailed in Neiman Marcus and luxury boutiques across the country.

Frances, a mother of two who owned an interior design firm prior to launching JudeFrances, oversees design and operations for the company. She was born in the English countryside and favors more romantic, classic styles. Inspired by European architecture, she continues to create classic collections that appeal to women of all ages.

Jude, a mother of three, leads the sales and marketing for JudeFrances Jewelry. This Texas native inspires the edgier side of the line and is driven by fashion and style and has a knack for staying ahead of the trends.

In business since 2002, JudeFrances continues to grow and develop into one of the most coveted fine jewelry lines available. Featuring their twice yearly Spring and Fall lines, with pieces in the Soho Collection made with sterling silver, sapphires, white topaz and spinel for an urban luxe look, and the Laguna Collection made with mixed metals of sterling silver and 18K gold with quartz and semi-precious stones, and pave sapphires for a look that is simply California chic; as well as the JudeFrances Couture line made with 18K gold, diamonds and semi-precious stones. JudeFrances also includes the much sought-after Limited Edition collection, the Pebble Collection made with sterling silver, 18K gold, and diamonds, and JudeFrances Bridal available in 18k gold or platinum semi-mount settings. Each stunning piece within JudeFrances Jewelry perfectly reflects what today’s smart, luxe sophisticate seeks: a look that like JudeFrances is Classic, Sexy, & Elegant.